9~12 Year Old Kids: 24-inch Cheap Road Bikes for sale Reviews

Last updated: Sep, Sat, 2017

When your child grows up and goes to school, he begins to strive in everything to be like adults. And here the main thing is to take his spare time with something that will enthrall him and at the same time promote health and physical development. It’s an opportunity to get off the sofa and get outside having some fun.

24 inch kids road bikes for sale

If you’re thinking of encouraging your son or daughter to road cycle, the extra brake levers are a definite bonus on any drop-bar bike for a kid and in our experience children will thank you for them. A kid’s bike makes a terrific present when riding on the road you will watch him/her like a hawk.

kids’ Bike Size

Kids’ bikes are sized by wheel size rather than frame (adult bike) size, because the size of the wheels determines the proportions of the rest of the bike. 24-inch wheels bike are usually suitable for kids between nine and twelve years old — 50 ~ 62 inches or 127 ~ 156 cm.

Because of a kids bike cost is almost the same as an adult bike and not many parents are willing to invest hundreds of dollars for kids, there are not a lot of companies in the kids road bike market here in the USA. While if your child is (or next year will) over the height of this age range, they may be tall enough to fit on an X-Small size’s adult road bike — wheels is about 28inch (term 700C).

Dedicated Kids Road bikes are specifically designed to road and criterium racing, have specific road geometry, smaller caliper style brakes and lower gearing. We’ve picked out some of the better children’s models that are currently available for 9 to 12 years old. Due to individual differences, you can extend the range to 7~14 years old.

#1 24-Inch GMC Denali Boys Road Bike

24-Inch GMC Denali Youth Road Bike

This Denali Junior model features the lowest ‘reasonable’ entry level price – so that if you’re not sure if your boy or girl will enjoy road biking, you won’t have ‘spent the moon’ needlessly expensive model. In this case, the cost of entry shouldn’t prove a barrier to trying it — this kids road bikes for sale about $ 200.

For a kid who is just testing the sport, they can be an excellent place to start that a child will outgrow in a few years, so this number is a good point. Heavy? Of course. The low price meant there were some low quality parts as the cost was still less than other bikes. Just make sure to keep this bike maintained.

Anyway, if you want to behave better to your child or your kids are serious about road riding, you might consider buying them a nice road bike. The Giordano Libero 1.6 boys / girls 24″ is bit better than GMC Denali model, but twice the price of this Denali junior road bikes. They should be drop around $300, but Amazon is not adjusting the price. Here’s the thing, I can’t recommend them at this time.

#2 Swobo Farrier Stayer 24 Wheeled Road Bike

Swobo Farrier Stayer 24 Wheeled Youth Road Bike

There’s nothing cuter than boys or girls completing their first triathlon. These youngsters, along with children 7-14 years-old, were given the full treatment; finish medals were placed around their necks and post-race photos were taken just like a real triathlon.

If your original idea is start from here, then lightweight (about 19 lbs) and strong Swobo Farrier Stayer 24 Wheeled Road Bike is best for your kid.

It come with entry-level road racer groupset — Shimano Claris 2×8 speed drivetrain and it works perfectly fine. Just like adults, kids respond to fast bikes, riding them more, push their limits.

Not only is the parts spec impressive for a kid’s bike, but the frame is solid, this is a small work of alloy art and will deliver years of use thanks to smart layout and design. Swobo take kids’ cycling seriously.

You also get the peace of mind knowing that your kid won’t outgrow it in two years, and that it’s durable enough to outlast their entry into the tweens. As an aficionado of fine bikes and parts -not to mention finally learning the value of buying the good stuff once instead of the crappy stuff many times over.

If it has been sold out, Diamondback Bicycles Podium 24-Inch Youth Road Bike also do a good job.

#3 Raleigh Bikes Raleigh Rx24 Youth Road Bike

Raleigh Bikes Raleigh 9 to 12 old Road Bike for sale

There are no cartoon characters, fluffy colours, or slacking on the technical backstory for each of their ‘youth’ models. Raleigh Rx24 Youth Road Bike has proven to be a good choice.

From the spec to the frame, they’re aimed at the performance crowd – as in, parents who are into cycling and understand why better parts make for a better experience.

The Raleigh Rx24 is designed to be a across bike feature with a SRAM Apex 1×10 speed drivetrain. Its usually used on mountain bikes. This is an excellent all-around setup for riding on both the on- and off-paths. Mechanical disc brakes for great stopping power in all conditions even a wet road.

As a cyclist who happens to be a parent, seeing kids excited about riding and wanting to go fast warms the heart. And your kid will like to go on short rides with you threw the neighborhood.

The price is a lot of money for a kids’ bike, plenty of the dads won’t have spent this on their own bikes. You need to make a decision, keep your wallet, or protect your child’s sweetheart.

As contrast, Diamondback Haanjo Trail 24 Alternative Road Bike at the same level, but come with Shimano Claris 16sp drivetrain. This is groupset commonly used for road bike style. There is no evidence that either of these two systems is better, but the Shimano marketing price is lower than.

However, when choosing a kids’ bicycle it is worth considering the main criteria — safety (helmet). Try not to save on such things concerning your child’s safety. But remember that most of all his safety depends on how you teach the child the rules of behavior on the road.