Bikes for Sale: How to Buy a Bike?

Last updated: Dec, Sat, 2017

When you walk into the local bicycle shop, facing so many kinds of different functions of bikes, I believe you will feel head explodes and overwhelmed, with the self-promotion of store personnel. Especially when it comes to price.

This is a guide to buying online bicycles for sale. It can help you choose a bike that suits your needs and how to save your money.

what type of bike should I buy: types of bikes

OK. When you want to buy a bicycle, you need to know what is to be used for the purpose and what terrains are the bike will need to handle.

Generally speaking, you’re looking for a leisure entertainment, fitness, commuting or even race bike.

Entertainment, almost all bicycles can be your options I don’t know your interest.

Fitness, an endurance or flat bar road bike(road sub-type) is the best choice when it comes to long-distance ride(greater than 20 miles) except for specific-fitness bikes. If it is a short ride, a hybrid bike can do it.

For the commuter, that usually depends on your riding route.

For the race bike, your choice is pretty straightforward. If the trails, roots, and rocks are your tea, then look for mountain bikes just get a wheels size. The glory of speeds? If your goal is not to stand on the podium, an endurance road bike will be fine.

Because of the above explanation, I think you have narrowed the range of your choice now and there’s still a little bit of chaos. Never mind. Keep looking down on each type of bicycles that can solve the query for you.


As for the terrains, it is usually divided into off-road(such as trails) and on-road(such as asphalt roads etc. paved road). Obviously, mountain bikes belong to off-road and can ride on the road well. While the standard road bikes belong to on-road, but if not stunts and ride on off-road will be hard.

Hybrid bikes are X-road, designed to be ridden on mixed surfaces and can handle some unpaved pavements and provide good power on the paved road. This is a good option for the commuter or who wants to find a double sports bike with balance performance.

Technically, this is a sweeping designate, including city bikes, commuter bikes, fitness bikes and comfort bikes etc. These type of bicycle is a bike that is integrated functions with half of the mountain bikes and half of the road bike.

However, gravel bikes are becoming a new sell marketing. Off-road exploration? Yes, it can. Commute? Yes, it can. Fitness? Yes, it can. It’s a new type, also called the all-road bike. If you don’t know where your interest is, it will satisfy all of you.


Mountain bikes riding through fields and on gravel trails, the knobby tires better able to navigate curbs and potholes. These bikes are your power to stimulate the adrenal gland for outdoor adventures, if you like steep climbs or do ride often at altitude.

Mountain biking is mainly based on skills, so its classification is distinguished by different technical requirements. A simple categorized as trail and enduro/all-mountain bikes.

Among, Cross-Country(CX) Bikes can be seen as an entry-level version of trail bikes, bikes in this category place equal emphasis on fun, efficiency.

If you’re interested in meeting up with friends at the local trailhead and riding a mixture of climbs and descents, then CX bike is the beginning of your adventure.

All-mountain and Downhill(DH) mountain bikes(It can be seen as an upgraded version of All-mountain.) need to reach a level of technical requirements, and they will break your wallet, even those usually not for sale online. Here is the mountain buyer guide and check our mountain bikes for sale reviews.


Road bikes riding on paved pavements, the skinny tires and drop handlebar provide the fast drive for aerodynamics position to fight against the wind.

As a collection, road bikes are made up of many different styles for different purposes. They may be hard to differentiate at first, one style of the bike may also be a good choice for a couple different uses.

They can be narrowly divided into standard(race) road bike and endurance road bike. However, the definition of hybrids would be included flat bar road bikes and gravel bikes.

Speed, lightweight frames and efficiency are the three traits that define this category of bikes. However, race road bikes do the best job of maximizing each of these qualities.

As a casual rider, an endurance road bike will get you where you want to be comfortable and efficiently. If you are riding on weekends with friends, regional racing or taking a tour across many state lines.

If fitness is your wish, a flat-bar road bike added mountain bike style bar to allow a somewhat more upright riding position. Extra comfort and control the flat bar offers strikes a perfect balance for many riders and doesn’t give up much in performance to a sport bike with drop handlebars.

Pick up the best road bike for you today from our edit’s for sale list. While with the main things you do is the commute, as mentioned above the gravel bike is right for you except the above two.


What bike should I get? Please ignore nonsense off the front. Now you have three options —— X-road, Off-road and On-road —— gravel bike, cross-country bike and endurance road bike. Basically, you should have an answer now. You can pick a bike that fits you from these three types.

Anyway, maybe you’re looking for a simplicity, portable or assist pedal bike, too. Don’t miss the Single-speed, folding or electric bike.

how much does a bike cost?

The bicycle makes up of thousands of components, the cost of different materials are different. A large portion of the cost of a new bicycle lies within the drivetrain that can include the derailleurs, shifters, cassette, crankset, cables, and housing. Here is a simple introduction.

Once you have identified one of these types, the budget may be annoying you again. To avoid this, I suggest that you set your budget to be flexible, not fixed(E.g under 500). It’s worth you get what you pay and spend a little more than your budget.

As an experience, 300~600 dollars of the budget is a reasonable interval except for the E-bikes. But, if you’re going to ride a mountain bike or road bike, the budget will be higher to $500~600, as you want to get a reliable quality with suspension or groupset.

That premise is you do not sure enjoy or know what you want to do off the mountain biking, triathlon or road biking, you can have an awfully good time on a $600 bike while not expensive.

Usually, a gleam of bike brands (such as specialized, giant etc.) does not for sale online, based on price protection and agreements with dealers. Some second-tier brands(like Raleigh) or little-known brands(E.g Vilano) seek more sales to provide for sale online.

If you don’t often throw your bicycle out to test its strength, you should pay more attention to how to prevent your bike from being stolen and instead of emphasizing LBS(Local bicycle shop) after-sales service.

I mean, you want to save your money as much as you can, not pursuing brand worth. However, 99% of America’s bicycles come from imports, most of them from Taiwan or China. See..

how to know bike size?

Now it’s time for you to choose a size for yourself. Small, Medium or Large? Different manufacturers provide the size of corresponding height may are difference, here is a size guide it can explain to you.

Although there have three kinds of wheel sizes to provide — 26 inch, 27.5inch(term 650B) and 28in(term 700C). In the adult bike world, sizing is based on the frame.

Bicycles have no gender, and when we talk about a women’s bike, according to whether it has a Step-through frame. That not true. The most common thing is on cruiser bikes.

A compact frame is common on road bicycles today, this allows it to do for more people. If you are a woman or shorter man, it can be seen as a unisex bike.

However, folding bikes, tandem and E-bikes only offers One-size. Those bicycles can adjust the height of the handlebars and seats to fit riders of different height. Low-end bicycles(such as Schwinn, a decline of the brand) also offer one size, they usually don’t fit well for everyone.

Kids’ bikes are sized by wheel size rather than frame size because the size of the wheels determines the proportions of the rest of the bike. A kid over 13 years old is the equal height of an adult. You can check that 46~48cm frame size of the adult bike, even 50cm or 52cm. Note, consider your boy or girl next year tall.

Bike weight limits

In general, those bikes are limit stated for 220~250 lbs, some can hold up to 350lbs. When weight limits are exceeded, added stress can (not necessarily so) cause spoke to break on rims, as well as other issues. In fact, those bikes can bear the weight of 300lbs+, but if you do that the manufacturers will be attributed to your own reason although.

how to put a bike together?

When these bikes arrive at your door, they will come mostly assumed. You still need charge half ~ one hours of labor to assemble a bike which is described by the manufacturer as “90% assembled”. It’s not as hard, you just need to adjust the breaks and the shift cables. Here’s a guide that will help you make easy your job.


You can order now.

benefit: why pedaling

Cycling is an exercise that fits in generally effectively in light of the fact that it can supplant a morning and evening commute. It’s extremely effective to consume calories, as well as sets the tone for the day.

This is a decent opportunity to manufacture your muscles. Since it works the glutes, quads, and calves and abandons you with slender muscles from your lower legs as far as possible up to your lower back.

A portion of the more subtle advantages incorporate an amazing change in center muscle bunches from adjusting, which enhance your stance, and abdominal area quality too, giving you an all finished exercise.

Cycling is low impact as is swimming, so the jolt of energy doesn’t include some major disadvantages as far as the effect on joints. More vitality, obviously, is probably going to prompt better profitability and a more joyful state of mind.

Incidentally, I want to swim however I think that its difficult to get to a swimming pool frequently, and the thing I adore about running is that I can do it anyplace. Thus, I chose to increase my means with cycling.

Similarly evident is the way that a bike is less expensive to purchase and keep up than an auto. Each time you swap an auto trip for a bicycle trip, you’re sparing cash. You and your bicycle are additionally helping the earth.

Yet, the best piece is it’s additional fun and is much more social than you might suspect it is. It not just enables you to get rapidly starting with one place then onto the next yet it gives you a new perspective on the people and the places around you.

Thanks to cycling’s booming popularity, it’s has turned out to be progressively advantageous. Neighborhood governments are assembling and updating bicycle ways in numerous urban areas and towns. As cycling turns out to be more prevalent and the quantity of cyclists expands, the more secure it moves toward becoming. Let’s riding!