Types of Bike Pedals

types of bicycle pedals

Bikes are one of the most popular modes of transportation, with bike pedals being a key component. When it comes to choosing bike pedals, there are many types of bike pedals available for you to consider. You can select from clipless or platform pedal systems and various types ranging from flat mountain bike pedals to … Read more

Types of Bike Seats

comfortable bicycle seat

Bike seats come in many different shapes and sizes. Many types of bike seats can be found on both mountain bikes, road bikes, recumbent bikes, kids’ bikes, and more. The types of bike seat you choose should depend on your biking needs. For example, if you are going to ride a long-distance or for some … Read more

How To Identify Schwinn Model

how to identify schwinn model

Seeking antique Schwinn bicycles is an interesting hobby for cyclists. The Schwinn logo is prominently featured on Schwinn bicycles, making them easy to recognize. However, you can recognize a genuine Schwinn bike by looking for the serial number. The registration number will also tell you when the bike was manufactured, which will help you determine … Read more