Bicycle Frame Sizing Guide: What Size Bike Do I Need?

A very basic thing required when shopping for bikes is the understanding of size and measurements. Getting the proper size of the bike is very important, if the fit is good the bike will be more comfortable and easier to handle. How to measure a bike? Bikes are generally measured and defined by the length … Read more

Bicycle Drivetrain 101: How to Shift Gears on a Bike

The combination of two different sized cogs and a chain lets you power down hills, cruise on the flat and climb up a gradient. What a great invention. But, changing gears is a matter where the chain runs between many different cogs. These cogs are both turning between your feet and attached to the rear … Read more

Bike Assembly Tools: How to Assemble a New Bicycle

Once you get a great deal on a new bike by ordering online, easy task for just about anyone with assembling your bike which the bikes ship partially-assembled in boxes. Since there are so many different types of bikes and components available, I’ll give a brief overview of the assembly. Bike Assembly Tools Tools With … Read more