Diamondback 2016 Haanjo Alternative Flat-bar Road Bike Reviews

Last updated: Sep, Mon, 2016

If you’re looking for a solid, fast road bike without having to break their back reaching down to the handlebars, and hope a good bike to carry some work equipment so they can get out of the car and ride instead, then Diamondback 2016 Haanjo Alternative Road Bike is that place.

Diamondback Haanjo flat-bar road bike
2016 Haanjo Alternative
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Flat bar road bikes have often been described as road bikes without drop handlebars. It has a much more relaxed geometry than your typical road bike. The benefit is you can get into a good low position for fitness riding and also be comfortable for the daily commute to work.

Diamondback Haanjo with flat handlebar is simply the best urban general purpose bike you can get. This isn’t for racing a club crit or hitting up the trails…but as an all-rounder to get down to the shops or to work, riding recreationally with family and friends, or going on a bit adventure, there really is no better choice.

size chart

Diamondback also offers women-specific — Diamondback Women’s 2016 HaanJenn Road Bike — specially designed to fit average female physiques.

While you purchase and get the bike, ride with your handlebar or seat a little higher or low but make small adjustments, and ride the new setup long enough to allow your body to adjust to it.

Quality of construction & Functionality

In terms of durability the 6061-T6 aluminum frame performs quite well, and the fully butted and formed tube construction makes sure it is lightweight without sacrificing strength.

Diamondback Haanjo is a beautiful bike and the frame is lightweight but can withstand the miles you will put in while work. If you put in 30~40 miles everyday, then the frame holds up nicely and won’t give any trouble to the rider.

The Haanjo is well-equipped to handle gravel and smooth dirt tracks in addition to rough roads with 40c tires. It’s like a narrower mountain bike tires.

If you are looking at going off road a little and want something a bit more versatile, Haanjo flat-bar road bike can be taken on all but technical singletrack trails.

Disc brakes offer unquestionably better and more consistent stopping power than rim brakes. Snow, ice, and rain don’t have much of an effect on disc brakes

For the days when the weather decides to wait until after your commute starts to turn nasty, you’ll have Avid disc brakes to provide reliable stopping power in a pinch, so if you’re new to the exercise or a nervous descender, this bike will be your new best friend.

not good

Taper top tube improve the stability of the bike, but alloy material absorbing is not good than carbon, and may produce a little bit of vibrations when riding on unpaved.

As you might know, Shimano groupset is the best in class and makes it easy to shift gears. Designed for entry level riders, SORA offers crisp and sharp gear changes, and is robust enough to survive years of commuting, and tough sportives.

Unfortunately, SORA is only features 18 gears to action that can cover a wide array of needs for commuter route. But considering the price which if you are not competing, Haanjo is probably good trade-off to make for a lot of people.

Also, you need to additional purchase pedals.


Diamondback Haanjo Alternative Road Bike is designed to riders with a wide range of budgets the opportunity to get outside more. The flat-bar give you a more comfortable position and easy going handling — whether that’s commuting or off-road adventure, this bike offers utility.