GMC Denali Cheap Road Bike Review

Last updated: Sep, Wed, 2016

GMC denali road bike is an entry level bicycle designed for beginners. The bike ideal for experience the fun of speeds. While a flat bar road bike will be better than, if you are looking for a bike to urban commuting.

gmc denali road bike
gmc denali road bike



GMC denali is a good option for those who are want to enjoy the speeds pleasure of bike world. If you have a strained budget, then this is the best you can get.

size chart

If you are short woman than about 5ft 5 (165 cm) or have felt too stretched on mens/unisex bikes previously, below pink for ladies 4’10” ~ 5’5″.

With a flat handlebar instead of the traditional drop handlebar, sit an upright position allows the rider to see a broader perspective. A flat bar road bike is most commonly used for a long riding or urban commuting.

Quality of construction & Functionality

Unlike professional race cycling, this GMC bike is not for the triathlon or Tour de France. This is a versatile and popular road bike for riders looking for sportives or weekend trek.

If your budget less than $1000 dollar, the aluminum frame bike will be your place and you don’t want your bike to rust. The gmc denali road bike is built around a lightweight aluminum road bike frame. It’s light and stiff, translates road shock more than other materials.

With 28mm wide tires of 700c wheels, extra comfort from the larger volume tyres (25mm+) smooths out rough roads, though the speed be weakened. If you ride on particularly rough roads, or you are a heavier rider, then 28mm tyres could be a better choice. And, this bike theoretically can hold weight limits 250 lbs.

Shimano is the #1 brand in cycling parts, especially shifters, derailleurs, sprockets and brakes which means your bike less probability of possible problems. The Denali Road Bike is equipped with a reliable Shimano rear derailleur for confident gear selection and the RevoShift which allow you to select gears without taking your hands off the handlebars for added control.

The 21-speed gear ratio is 3 chainrings (front) and 7 sprockets (rear), which often come as standard on entry-level road bikes, is ideal for leisure riders or if you live in hilly areas – the extra help you’ll get from the smallest chainring will provide some relief!


Like any budget road bike, you get what you pay for. Such as nylon pedals with steel cages of a few low components, you may encounter some fault.

High-profile rims is more aerodynamic also tend to be stronger, but evident that the wheels are heavier. So, despite load a lightweight aluminum frame, but the bike still weigh up 30 lbs.


Simply put, gmc denali bike is designed for the everyday beginners looking value and performance. As a sport, a road bike is better for longer distances(>20 miles) casual ride. The affordable price is one of the reasons this model is so popular among beginners, this GMC Denali is a nice purchase.