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Kestrel Talon 2016 Carbon Fiber Racing Road Bike Reviews

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If you are looking for a bike not only to charity or group rides, and you will be doing a multitude of things such as training and racing triathlons. Then Kestrel Talon is the perfect choice for you.

Kestrel Talon Carbon Fiber road bike
Kestrel Talon 2016 Carbon Fiber
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The major difference between the triathlon bike and the traditional road bike lies in the geometry of the bicycle frame. The Kestrel Talon Road Bike features a dual-platform geometry optimized for a stable ride with both road and triathlon configurations.

If you prepare enter road race or triathlon, Kestrel Talon will simply let you participate. It does have a dual position seat post option while just a few tweaks. It is a very good road bike and an OK Tri bike.

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Quality of construction & Functionality

One obvious asset to this bike is the frame and fork construction consists of a blend of 800K high-modulus carbon fiber with 700K intermediate-modulus carbon fiber for the ideal combination of lightweight and stiffness. It takes on vibrations quite well, making your long training sessions, less tiring.

Talon has always been about versatility and speed. The carbon frame features aerodynamic tubing designed in the A2 Wind Tunnel for helping you to reach higher speeds, when you put in the effort.

The Talon is a tried and true design, it is better to spend your money and get an amazing frame with modest components and upgrade those through time, than get a mediocre frame with great components.

Talon is suited with the immensely reliable Shimano 105 front and rear derailleurs, for unrivaled performance. The internal cable routing is nice that ensures clean airflow over the entire bike.

The oval concepts 520 rounds out the build with a 50/34T compact crankset has been used to cut cost, and does the job for most part, but if you that elusive top of the hill performance, you can always upgrade to Shimano crankset.

Not good

23c tires are uncomfortable for long ride, I suggest replace it to 25mm. Plus, less number of spokes will make the bicycle lack of tension and stability for heavier rider. Although it is out of the consideration of speeds, but this increases the probability of blowout.

Also, you must purchase your own pedals.


However you wish to show the competition what you’re made of, the Kestrel Talon will have you wreaking havoc on the weekend club rides or giving the clock a run for its money, I think you would be happy with the performance and ride quality of the Kestrel Talon.