Takara Kabuto Single-speed Cheap Road Bike Reviews

Last updated: Sep, Sat, 2016

An ideal simplicity bike without going bankrupt, the Takara Kabuto features a strong handcrafted steel frame with horizontal dropouts that can handle the abuse of the big city.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike
Takara Kabuto Single Speed
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With respect to multi-speed bicycle, the single speed bicycle without derailleurs or other gearing systems, there are fewer parts on the bicycle that require maintenance, making this type of cycle popular with bicycle messengers for city commuting.

Whether it’s bike training or work, single-speed is a good choice. If you never need for the gear ratio to ride uphills and, are not racing and don’t need to travel as fast as possible, then Takara Kabuto single speed road bike is perfect for your current speed to tear up the city streets.

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Quality of construction & Functionality

In the affordable category, those bike are often with a steel frame and fork, it’s heavy, not light, but strong. Tig-welded is relatively inexpensive and creates a good, solid weld and is one of the most practical welding applications.

Takara Kabuto single road bike probably in the area of 30 pounds, this bike hold up very nice and theoretically can hold weight limits 300 lbs.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Specs:
  • Toe Clips & Straps
  • 32 Spoke Alloy Rims
  • Steel Frame and Fork
  • 700 x 28c Kenda Tires
  • Alloy Side Pull Brakes
  • Alloy Rims with Nutted Hubs
  • Rear Single Speed Flip Flop Hub

The 32 hole alloy wheels roll on Kenda 700 x 28c tires that are capable of withstanding less than perfect roads. You can ridden it on unpaved roads sort of so loose dirt did great no problems. But anything bigger than pebbles your probably going to blowout because the bike is on-road.

A humanized design, it features a flip flop hub so you can run it as a fixed gear or in standard freewheel single speed mode without having to worry about adjustments to temperamental components.

Change to choose your riding preference, just need loosening your chain, removing your rear wheel, and flipping its direction (eg N to S) then re-threading the chain.

If you are a enthusiasts looking for a simple road bike use it for training purposes, the drop bars is to allow for better back support and enhanced aerodynamics. You can also replace to 25c tires, if you want to added speed.


You couldn’t have asked for better, it feature some inexpensive components. If you live near the coast, pay attention to maintenance, because it will rust.


Briefly, the design is bright, which plus a star, as it allows higher visibility of the rider on the roadway, making it safer to ride. The stickers on the bike are removable so those who want a clean nice look can have that. Takara Kabuto get you from point A to point B, this single-speed performs well on campus and around the city! Great deals for your budgets.