Types of Bikes: What Kind of Bike Should I Get?

Last updated: Sep, Fri, 2016

Whether you want to commute to work, adventure, hit the road for fitness or pleasure, there’s a bike that can do that. There are many different types of cycling, and have few kinds of distinction — multi-speed and single-speed, sports or commuting.

Think about what you want to do with your bike and where you’ll be going and, the kind of distance and terrain you want to ride, as the best bike for you very much depends on this. Also, how much is your budget.

Single-speed bikes

The two varieties of single-speed bicycles — fixed gear and freewheel, use a single-gear ratio to propel the rider. A single speed bike is a simple, easy to repair or replace, look stylish bike to get them through the streets. It is ideal for most urban riders who need a reliable bike for all weather conditions.

Any kind of bike can be a single speed bicycle, such as road or mountain bikes. The drawback to single speed bike is that it is not suited to varied terrain and once you hit an uphill, you may find pedaling too hard. Because single speed bike has only one gear ratio, there are no gears to shift.

Fixie bikes

Fixed gear(or fixie) bikes is one version of singlespeed. On a fixie, there are no brakes and no freewheel, only your legs control the drivetrain when you’re stop pushing the pedals. Fixed gear bikes are often used by stunt riders or those who show with bicycles.


Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes (also called All Terrain Bicycle, or ATB) are designed for off-road cycling, typically ridden on unpaved environments, built for fitness and adventure.


Road bikes

Road bikes are specifically designed for on-road cycling, to be ridden on urban/tarmac surfaces, for fitness and speed glorious speed! There are endurance and racing of characteristics of the two most common types of road bikes.


BMX bikes

BMX(bicycle motocross) is a type of bike designed for dirt, street, flatland, and park rides. This is a more casual form of cycling, which riders enjoy for both pleasure and sport. A BMX bike is an off-road sport bicycle used for racing or stunt riding. While the sport has two distinct genres – racing and freestyle.

Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes are designed for X-road cycling, a mix of a mountain bike that’s suitable for general-purpose riding off-road types of terrain characteristics, and plus employ the lighter weight, thinner wheels and smooth tires of road bikes, allowing for greater speed and less exertion when riding on the road, means you will be able to ride anywhere and tackle any terrain.

Hybrid bikes perfect for the day-to-day bicycle commute for those looking for more performance and functionality combined with comfort. Hybrids are also applicable to adventure and fitness, but will not go as well as either of the performance options road or mountain bikes.

Folding bikes

A folding bike is a bicycle that can be broken down into a more compact size, facilitating transport and storage, but also make them look like a kid’s bike. They are made for commuters.

You can bring folding bikes inside or on public transport more easily which can be folded up, it will only take up much less space than happily live under your desk or in a corner, when you arrive at work, or you don’t have a big garage or live in a flat or a secure place to store a full-size bike.

Electric bicycles

A motorized bicycle is a bicycle with an attached motor to use internal combustion or electric power sources and transmission to assist with pedaling. Electric bicycle also known as an e-bike. Just picture a regular bicycle, then add several electrical components to it like a motor, a battery, and a controller to provide additional assistance.

They are not scooters or electric mopeds, there is no need for either a license or insurance to use an electric bike on public roads. You can pedal normally and just use the motor to help out on hills and headwinds, or use the motor all the time just to make riding easier, it complements but not replace human power.

Beach Cruiser bikes

A beach cruiser is a type of bicycle that has wide, low handles, an upright seat, and wide tires. Though the bikes tend to have only one speed, and are not equipped to handle rough terrain, they can be very comfortable to ride, particularly for riding on the beach — hence, the name “beach cruiser”. These bikes are made for enjoying the scenery and having fun with the family.

Lowrider bikes

Lowrider bike is a highly customized bicycle, often features high handlebars, a long wheelbase, wider tires, and a more laid back riding position. Based on cars and motorcycles of the same style, a lowrider bike is similar in appearance to many chopper-style motorcycles, its purpose is commuting with flash or simply cruising through the neighborhood on a fun and creative bicycle. The new lowrider trend is also related to the trend in beach cruiser style bicycles.

Tandem bicycles

Tandem bicycles are interesting, more commonly known as a bicycle built for two, two seater bike or two person bike. Cruiser-style tandem, which is perfect for casual couple strolling around town. But also racers and more serious cycling enthusiasts, mimicking the design and purpose of a road racing bicycle featuring skinny tires and aerodynamic geometry, this allows riders to either race their tandem bicycle or use it for training purposes.